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QuantumBio's DivCon Discovery Suite is built on cutting-edge technology which utilizes fast, high-performance linear scaling, quantum mechanical algorithms in a user-friendly format. These technologies have been used in Computational Chemistry, X-ray Crystallography, and Nuclear Magnetic resonance to better understand interaction energies, to determine ligand and fragment binding modes, to crystallographically refine X-ray structures leading to experimental structures with lower strain, and to determine ligand and active site protonation states. With these tools, even lower resolution crystal structures become more useful for your drug design campaign.

Announcing: the availability of XModeScore: a patent pending tool for protomer/tautomer and flipstate/rotamer determination using X-ray data! For more information, please see the XModeScore publication.

Also Announcing: the patent pending MovableType (MT), high-throughput approach to free energy simulation is now available for early adoptors in our DivCon package! Exclusively licensed from Michigan State University, the method is fast and predictive. Contact Us for an evaluation!


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