Complete with a panoramic view of Mount Nittany and the "Happy Valley" of the Pennsylvania State University, QuantumBio's research and development office within the CBICC Technology Center, has one of the best views in Centre county. And with a reasonable a cost of living, easy access to the Pennsylvania State University facilities and events, and a clean environment, QuantumBio is situated in a perfect place to live and work.

Below is a list of current openings:

Opening: Technical Writer/Editor

Historically, QuantumBio has hired both post doctoral-level computational chemists and experienced software (C++) engineers. If you would like to be notified of any open positions at QuantumBio as they become available, please fill out the following form (and be sure to choose "Job Openings" as an interest).

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About QuantumBio:

QuantumBio Inc is accelerating drug discovery efforts by providing pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and life science research organizations with a next generation of Computer-Assisted Drug Design (CADD) and Computer-Assisted Molecular Modeling (CAMM) solutions based on the increased accuracy and power of quantum mechanics. These solutions include a number of options tailored to each customer’s specific requirements including software licensing, services, and customization. See for more!