FreeEnergy: MovableType

Details coming soon!

The patent pending MovableType Suite, exclusively licened by QuantumBio from Michigan State University and the Merz Research Group, is a fast, accurate free energy method which can run in seconds on your laptop and which can still provide results which are on par with Free Energy Perturbation (FEP) methods. The method has been extensively validated over several years in the academic laboratory as numerious publications in the literature can atest.

With consultation with the academic group, we have completely re-written the software and fully integrated it with our DivCon Discovery Suite. Over the course of late 2017 and early 2018 we will be releaseing each of the major tools of the suite - including MTScore (binding free energy determination), MTCS (conformational search), MTDock (ligand docking), and MTFlex (protein sidechain/loop modeling). This implementation makes extensive use of our entire DivCon toolbox allowing for fast, accurate atom typing, expanded protonation, and further QM/MM and X-ray refinement analysis. 

For more information, review the publications and email to set up an evaluation license.