• Are you interested in QuantumBio's technology but you don't have time to learn something new?
  • Do you feel that QuantumBio has expertise that you currently lack (e.g. method development, crystallography, etc)?
  • Are you looking to augment your research and development efforts without having to hire new staff?
  • Do you have a project that requires a quick turn around time, but you do not have time to effectively evaluate and run the technology?
  • Are you full of ideas for new methods or approaches that could increase your productivity, but you don't have time or software development expertise to implement your ideas?
  • Do you represent a company, academic group, or organization that has recently won - or would like to win - a SBIR, STTR, RO1, or other similar government research grant? Would you like to hire an experienced, US-based small business to aid you in reaching your project milestones?

If you answered YES to any of these questions (and many more like them), then another option is to hire QuantumBio to help.

We are experienced with working with various pharmaceutical companies under the auspices of Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants, commissioned R&D, and so on, and we are able to execute on unique or "spec" projects on a case-by-case basis.

So if you have specific (or not so specific) projects you would like to explore, please feel free to Contact Us. If you would like to execute a mutual non-disclosure agreement prior to discussion, we have a "self signable" document on our website or you can provide your own.


Representative Services Provided

  • DivCon Discovery Suite toolbox: Our linear scaling, semiempirical, quantum mechanics toolbox can be tapped at any time during a job including interaction profiling (PWD) and QMScore, nuclear magnetic resonance-based scoring (NMRScore), and so on. Further, when we perform the work, the "license" to QuantumBio-software is included!
  • Advanced scientific method development: We use a variety of languages including C++, SVL (Scientific Vector Language), Python, and even Fortran. Our robust software package is built to stringent principles including pervasive use of unit tests, functional tests, regression tests, and continuous integration. We bring the same expertise to your software or method development project.
  • Workflow development and web-based organizational deployment: Do you have an internal repository or server on which you would like to make available a set of functions for computational chemists, medicinal chemists, and/or crystallographers? We have extensive expertise with Pipeline Pilot, SVL (MOE), Python, PBS, SGE, and NodeJS, and these tools can be brought to bear to solve problems.
  • OpenSource Technologies: We are happy to help integrate these tools with your workflow since very often these methods are extremely powerful, but they are usually less "user friendly" than their commercial counterparts. Quite simply, pharmaceutical researchers do not always have the time to figure out a particular tool and then implement or generalize that tool for their staff. We can handle that burden!
  • Grant Development and Project Management: As a US-based small business, we have won and successfully executed on numerous SBIR and STTR grants. We will partner with your company, organization, or academic group to provide you with the expertise required to develop and validate your ideas. And if your ultimate goal is to successfully market the technology, we can help you commercialize the methods and/or transition the technology to the private sector.

Do you have other ideas or problems that require solutions? We have the onsite expertise you need!


Quoting and Payment

Jobs are quoted ahead of time according to "spec" or according to the number of hours expected to turn around a project. Open-ended agreements are also available.

We accept purchase order or even credit card/purchasing card payment methods.


We are here to help!