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Accurate – Secure – Simple Molecular Simulations at Scale

Molecular simulations are a critical component of modern drug discovery workflows as they help teams identify the most promising drug candidates prior to synthesis. However, current on-premises computational platforms have limited capabilities and are often difficult to use.

QuantumBio and GridMarkets have partnered to create a simple cloud-based platform for running QuantumBio simulations at scale with unprecedented accuracy, speed, security and ease-of-use.

Now you can run your MovableType, free energy-based molecular simulations on the cloud and access this software and your results at your convenience (without the need for special license files and agreements, tokens, or limits).




Who should consider using Cloud-based QuantumBio?

While there are countless applications of our cloud software, if you identify as one of the users below, Cloud-based QuantumBio may be molecular simulation solution you’ve been waiting for.  You’ll gain features that benefit your science and your business.

Small or Growing Pharma
Benefit from a non-license purchase model (lowering capital expenses on an already tight budget). Our cloud services also allow you to select the tools you use as you need them. Finally, the predictability of our pricing allows for clear budgeting.

Medium and Large Pharma
Benefit from the unlimited scaling capacity available on the cloud—including unlimited numbers of users and unlimited license tokens.

Consultants and Contract Research Organizations
Benefit from being able to choose the tools you use as you need them. And with transparent billing features, you can pass these costs to your clients in easy-to-understand reports.

Webinar: Accelerating Free Energy Binding Sims

Eager to learn more about our technology? View our ACS Chicago webinar. You’ll also learn how to receive free credits to simulate 50 ligands to get you started running QuantumBio on GridMarkets Pharma.

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