About QuantumBio

About QuantumBio

QuantumBio Inc is a software and services company that provides innovative technical solutions to the life sciences. QuantumBio Inc offers a powerful suite of products built on cutting-edge science that utilizes the highest levels of theory available to achieve high accuracy, performance, and versatility. QuantumBio’s tools leverage the precision of quantum mechanical approaches to aid Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Academic scientists to improve their understanding of biochemical structure and function, while enhancing the drug discovery process.

QuantumBio is dedicated to the following values:

  • Provide the best and most accurate understanding of biochemical structure and function possible.
  • Educate the industry as to the applications quantum mechanics has in drug discovery.
  • Ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with both the science and the expertise available at QuantumBio.

QuantumBio’s Leadership:


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