Breaking Boundaries in Drug Discovery: QuantumBio Featured on Oracle’s Research In Action Podcast

Discover the future of drug discovery and molecular design with Lance Westerhoff, Ph.D., President, and General Manager of QuantumBio Inc. In a thought-provoking episode of Oracle’s Research in Action podcast, Dr. Westerhoff discusses how QuantumBio is at the forefront of innovation in the pharmaceutical sciences.

QuantumBio, a biotech startup operating in the expansive domain of drug discovery and molecular design, is making significant strides in the field. Dr. Westerhoff reveals during the podcast QuantumBio’s recent accomplishment—a National Institute of Health (NIH) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant. This grant underscores the importance of QuantumBio’s work and supports their revolutionary MovableType methodology that paves the way for exciting new drug design discoveries.

The podcast also explores QuantumBio’s strategic collaboration with Oracle, where they are harnessing the potential of cutting-edge computational technology to revolutionize in silico drug design. Dr. Westerhoff shares his insights into the potential game-changing impact of this collaboration on the pharmaceutical industry.

Listeners can expect to learn more about MoveableType and why it holds immense promise for the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Westerhoff, with his expertise in quantum mechanics and molecular structure determination, offers a unique glimpse into the future of drug discovery and its trailblazing possibilities.

If you’re curious about the intersection of science, entrepreneurship, and cutting-edge technology, this episode of Research In Action is a must-listen. Listen today to explore how QuantumBio is redefining the landscape of drug discovery and molecular design, one calculation at a time.

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QuantumBio offers a powerful suite of innovative software products purpose-built for life sciences on cutting-edge science that utilizes the highest levels of theory available to achieve high accuracy, performance, and versatility. Through our science-first, customer-centric approach, we make precision quantum mechanical approaches more user-friendly, cost-effective and easily accessible. We help pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic scientists improve their understanding of biochemical structure and function while enhancing the drug discovery process.