QuantumBio featured in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News April 2023 Edition

In the Artificial Intelligence (AI) section of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News April 2023 Edition, science writer MaryAnn Labant highlights computational drug design and cloud computing trailblazers leveraging AI’s benefits to accelerate drug discovery R&D success rates (while decreasing costs), improve safety/therapeutic efficacy assessments and democratize cloud access. QuantumBio was honored to be featured among them.

Our X-ray crystallography / Cryo-EM tools (including XModeScore) are often used to refine structures which can be used directly or provided to AI-based tools for structure prediction. Likewise, when combined with experimental density, predicted structures can be used as starting points for structural biology and structure based drug discovery efforts.

At the same time, since our MovableType software is much faster than conventional free energy methods, it is paired with ML algorithms to impact AI-driven drug discovery campaigns.


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QuantumBio offers a powerful suite of innovative software products purpose-built for life sciences on cutting-edge science that utilizes the highest levels of theory available to achieve peak accuracy, performance, and versatility. Through our science-first, customer-centric approach, we make precision quantum mechanical approaches more user-friendly, cost-effective and easily accessible. We help pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic scientists improve their understanding of biochemical structure and function while enhancing the drug discovery process.