QuantumBio to Revolutionize Access to Cutting-edge Computational Chemistry and Structural Biology Services through the Science Exchange Platform

[State College, PA, October 24, 2023] – QuantumBio, a leading provider of advanced molecular modeling software and services for computational chemistry and structural biology, is excited to announce it has joined the Science Exchange Platform and Marketplace. You can now seamlessly request QuantumBio’s Services via our Science Exchange storefront. This agreement signifies a major advancement for enhanced access to state-of-the-art computational chemistry solutions.

Effective immediately, QuantumBio’s cutting-edge, built-in X-ray and cryo-EM real-space refinement and structure preparation tools – featuring our patented XModeScore technology – are accessible through the Science Exchange Platform. This is set to revolutionize structural biology and drug discovery by opening up exciting opportunities for researchers and scientists seeking high-quality, state-of-the-art computational chemistry services to advance their structural biology and drug discovery campaigns. Any scientist or buyer on Science Exchange, with a valid account, can easily access QuantumBio’s catalog and request our services without any additional legal agreements. Visit our Services page for more information and to request a quote for your next project.

Now that the Company is an approved Science Exchange supplier, researchers and scientists worldwide can leverage QuantumBio’s expertise to accelerate their projects. This expands QuantumBio’s global reach and further solidifies its position as a trusted partner for academic and commercial clients seeking advanced computational chemistry solutions.

The first of QuantumBio’s Services – built on the Company’s structural biology software products – offers unparalleled support to researchers in their quest for drug discovery breakthroughs, including:

  1. X-ray and Cryo-EM Refinement: QuantumBio offers robust solutions for the refinement of crystallography and electron microscopy structures, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. These solutions accurately determine biomolecular structures using a combination of quantum mechanics (QM), molecular mechanics (MM), and mixed-QM/MM methods, resulting in accurate, trustworthy results.
  2. XModeScore: A proprietary technology developed by QuantumBio, the XModeScore method is a revolutionary scoring function that combines experimental density with QM/MM and energy to characterize the structure. This method is used in numerous pharmaceutical labs to accurately determine bound-state tautomers/protomers, rotamers/flips, stereoisomers, and binding modes using X-ray and cryo-EM density data, even at low resolution.

QuantumBio’s collaboration with the Science Exchange Platform allows researchers to conveniently access its services, simplifying the procurement process and making expert computational chemistry and structural biology resources readily available. “We are thrilled to join Science Exchange and make our X-ray and cryo-EM refinement services, as well as XModeScore, more accessible to the scientific community,” said QuantumBio President and General Manager, Dr. Lance Westerhoff. “This relationship aligns with our mission to empower researchers with the tools and expertise they need to make groundbreaking discoveries.”

Together, we can help scientists and organizations accelerate research projects, optimize results, and drive innovations within the field of structural biology and drug discovery.

“We are delighted to welcome QuantumBio as an approved supplier on our platform,” said Chris Zan, Head of Supplier Business at Science Exchange. “Their expertise in computational chemistry and crystal structure determination will be a valuable addition to our network of suppliers, further enriching the capabilities available to our clients.”

For more information, please visit the QuantumBio Services Page or – current Science Exchange customers – visit the QuantumBio Storefront on the Science Exchange website.


About QuantumBio:

QuantumBio is a renowned provider of advanced computational chemistry and molecular modeling services. With a focus on enhancing drug discovery and structural biology research, QuantumBio offers innovative solutions that empower scientists to achieve their research goals more effectively and efficiently.

About Science Exchange:

Science Exchange is the first purchasing and supplier orchestration platform for life sciences companies. We’re on a mission to streamline and modernize the way R&D organizations and suppliers work together. Our platform simplifies purchasing, supplier management, and payment processing through one platform and digital marketplace.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Lance Westerhoff, Ph.D.
President and General Manager
QuantumBio Inc.