Revolutionizing Drug Discovery: QuantumBio CEO Road Tour Hits Major Cities This Summer

QuantumBio’s CEO Road Tour is hitting major cities, and it’s a journey you won’t want to miss! Join us in Philadelphia, Boston, San Diego, and San Francisco for an exclusive opportunity to meet our newly appointed CEO, Dr. Lance Westerhoff PhD, and delve into the groundbreaking advancements propelling drug discovery into a new era.

Meet Dr. Lance Westerhoff, PhD

Dr. Westerhoff’s appointment as CEO marks a pivotal moment for QuantumBio. With over 15 years of experience within the company as President and General Manager, Dr. Westerhoff’s leadership has been instrumental in driving research, development, and deployment of advanced solutions in computational biochemistry. His expertise in quantum mechanics and molecular mechanics has positioned QuantumBio as a trailblazer in the pharmaceutical industry, revolutionizing the way drug discovery is approached.

Transform Your Structure-based Drug Discovery Research

QuantumBio stands at the forefront of computational chemistry software, pioneering solutions that redefine the landscape of in silico drug discovery. With a focus on synergistic applications of quantum mechanics and molecular mechanics, QuantumBio’s suite of services and software is revolutionizing the field.QuantumBio offers a suite of cutting-edge solutions designed to accelerate your workflow and deliver precision results including:

  1. DivCon Discovery Suite: Revolutionize molecular analysis with our user-friendly software, built on linear-scaling, divide and conquer QM and QM/MM methods. Gain deeper insights faster to drive informed decisions. The DivCon Suite includes a number of critical modules targeted for CADD and structural biology, and it can be used alone, integrated in MOE, or in the cloud.
  2. X-ray/Cryo-EM Software and Structure Preparation and Analysis Services: Augment structural biology efforts, create more accurate feedstock for your proprietary OpenFold/AlphaFold-based AL/ML structure prediction efforts, and obtain more accurate insights in target:ligand binding with density-corrected tautomer/protomer, rotamer/flip-state, and enantiomer selection with the patented XModeScore method. Optionally, you may choose either BUSTER or PHENIX as your crystallographic engine, or you can utilize the build-in real-space refinement engine in DivCon.
  3. MovableType: Enhance efficiency in computer-aided drug design with our high-throughput free energy method, designed for accuracy and ease-of-use in virtual screening efforts. With recent additions to the MovableType tool chain and its compatibility with a range of sampling algorithms, you can select the level of sampling (computational expense) required to obtain the actionable intelligence you require for your project.
  4. Cloud-based QuantumBio: Not only are QuantumBio solutions available through conventional software licensing and services, most of our tools are also available in the cloud for convenience, security, and cost-effectiveness.
  5. QuantumBio Services: No time to learn another software package? Need additional FTE resources? Don’t feel that you have the structural biology expertise in-house? Most of our methods are also available through our Contract Research Department. With partnerships with third party marketplaces like The Science Exchange, ready-to go “plain vanilla” master service agreements (MSA) such as the QBMSA, and of course ready access to experienced legal resources required negotiate client-specific requirements, QuantumBio is able to work with our client’s in-house CADD and Structural Biology resources or the CROs that are most popular in the field.

Revolutionize Your Research with QuantumBio

The appointment of Dr. Lance Westerhoff as CEO marks a new chapter in QuantumBio’s journey, one filled with promise, innovation, and drive. Join us as we pave the way for the future of drug discovery and molecular design. Together, we’ll revolutionize the way we bring life-changing pharmaceuticals to patients around the globe.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Connect

The QuantumBio CEO Road Tour is your chance to learn about the state of the art tools and technologies available in the DivCon Discovery Suite.

Contact us today to secure your spot on the CEO Road Tour to meet Dr. Westerhoff and embark on a path towards groundbreaking discoveries. Gain firsthand insights into QuantumBio’s cutting-edge technologies and discover how they can propel your research forward. Let’s revolutionize drug discovery together.


QuantumBio offers a powerful suite of innovative software products purpose-built for life sciences on cutting-edge science that utilizes the highest levels of theory available to achieve peak accuracy, performance, and versatility. Through our science-first, customer-centric approach, we make precision quantum mechanical approaches more user-friendly, cost-effective and easily accessible. We help pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic scientists improve their understanding of biochemical structure and function while enhancing the drug discovery process.